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He was born in 1946 in Moscow. He finished Tchaikovsky's Moscow Conservatory, and graduated at the Moscow Institute for Foreign Languages in 1970.Around that time started his literary activities.
Thoroughly absorbed in Divine mystics and religious philosophy, being able to answer most difficult questions that are standing before humanity of 21st century. As a spiritual leader and prominent thinker of our days, blessed John has got spiritual and prophetic charismas, revealing beauty and richness of Divine Wisdom.
He joined the True Orthodox (Catacomb) Church, avoiding any communist influence (Bishop since 1992). Now, as a spiritual and religious leader he heads the Council of Bishops of Russian Orthodox Mother of God Church Derzhavnaya and communicates with outstanding representatives of the intelligentsia and prominent figures of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism from many countries.

Creative development of Blessed John is closely connected with his philosophical and spiritual search. At the beginning he was  writing poetry, as well as theological and philosophic works, and his early- formed religious searches compelled him to leave artistic circle. It was followed by his passion for philosophy and ancient and medieval mysticism. He studied ancient Hebrew and Greek. All the modern world with all its dissonant palette is reflected in Blessed John - "feel of God" - that  is why his philosophy and spirituality "touch" both - sophisticated intellectuals and young people "not spoiled" by the book culture. He is a prolific author -  thousands of articles, several multivolume works many of which were translated into foreign languages, more than 400 books, which include  40 books of the Words by the Mother of God - a recorded chronicle of the Russian Revelation and 7 volumes about the Second Solovky Calvary which became bestsellers.

In the early 90s, with the help of his associates, he organized a fund and opened a publishing house known as the Marian (Theotokos) Center named after the Blessed Virgin Mary- a patroness and defendress of  Russia.
Blessed John Bereslavsky is the worthy representative of intellectual elite, who treasures the archetype of its virtues: high erudition, uncompromising viewpoints, bright intellect and ability of deep perception. He is the phenomenon of a new civilization, the sign of the emerging epoch, the great enlightment of minds and bright perspectives.The inimitable originality of style, bright aphoristic character of the language, stupefaction of new images daringly allow his 450 books to be the part of spiritual thought masterpieces of the third millennium.
After the fall of Communism, Blessed John founded the resurrection movement "New Holy Russia", by which he understands  the return to the eternal archetype  of sensible and active adherence to the truth, moral, love and beauty. Blessed John was the first to analyze and describe deep crisis of the modern church, especially in 20th century. His open-mindedness is not  restricted to boundaries of a certain faith, nation or tradition, but it discovers the spiritual way of humanistic, universal importance. He was the first after the fall of communism to write a spiritual evaluation of post-Soviet society, determining goals, spiritual means and moral duties for every human arising.

He met many political leaders in order to avoid  bloodshed and violence, persuading them to solve the conflict in a peaceful manner. His active anti-Communist position helped the country to abandon false ideals of atheistic era, to go out of crisis and spiritual depression,  turning to real values common to all mankind.  He was the first after the fall of communism to write a spiritual evaluation of post-Soviet society, determining goals, spiritual means and moral duties for every human arising from these principles.His spiritual support and advice has been often used by prominent figures in politics,and he  played a significant role in the collapse of the Communist ideology in Russia.

An Honored artist of the RF, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts A.A. Tutunov writes about him: "the large library of Father John" books is a spiritual treasure of the modern society. He synthesizes the mystical insights of the Blessed Virgin words over all the world reflecting the complex experience accumulated for centuriesâ.

His works arouse interests of English biographers. As a prominent thinker of the present Blessed John Bereslavsky is a member of the world intellectual elite, - it is how the English Who is Who describes his activities indicating at significant contribution of Father John to the modern world.

Conflict between old ideologies and new - is eternal. No wonder that Father John novelty and originality is considered by his opponents as "non-adhering to fundamental rules and canons"

Blessed John calls to restoration of the modern man conscience infected by sins and compromises. As a practical believer he is characterized by deep adherence to church and moral ideals. He uncompromisingly defends his position forming an absolutely new view of different fields of the mundane and spiritual lives of the society which makes him one of the most prominent modern spiritual thinkers. It is curious that Blessed John works do not contain an intended secularism and one-sided superficiality that is typical for many researchers of religion and "outside" publicists watching the most important religious process in the human society. His view is always internally founded and convincing, his conclusions always reflect deep understanding of the subject and adequacy of his spiritual concepts.

Today Blessed John personalizes everything that can be called the modern spiritual alternative. It is an alternative to hypocrisy in all its faces: faith without insolent spiritual search, creativity without a break to new horizons of knowledge, human relations without deepness, without intimate dialogue, without self-sacrifice.

No doubt Blessed John is one of those who "revolve the earth", one of "great heretics" who advance the civilization. He is like those geniuses in the history and culture who dared to oppose the prevailing rules for establishing the truth and ideals inconvenient for their times: V.S. Soloviev, N.A. Berdiayev, late Leo Tolstoy, Socrates, and Dali. He is close to S. Soloviev and Berdiaev by his prophetic courage and depth of discussed problems; to Leo Tolsoy by his frankness and uncompromisingness; to Salvador Dali by mystic tension and a kind of surrealistic authenticity of the authors style.

Blessed John is a great expert on and investigator of sacral Hebraic texts (like Torah, Talmud, Mishna, Perke Abot), Bible, apocryphal works of the Old and New Testaments, ancient documents and manuscripts, scriptures of the Holy fathers of Christianity, Western mystics and Eastern hesychasts as it can be seen in his works. He is a founder of his own prophetic school of mystic theology and practice of adherence to the saints through irradiation in Christianity and deference to the secrets of the Wisdom.

His followers adopting images of nonstandard thinking and novelty of Blessed John become bright independent thinkers, theologians and mystics continuing to develop a new spiritual tradition of the Russian philosophical and religious school. Many conferences held by Father John discover for people the sacral secrets of the reality, field of live mystical insights, the experience of the greatest Christian zealots accumulated over centuries, an enigmatic world of Divine revelations.


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