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                                                        THE NEW ATLANTIS
Despite the fact that many millennia have passed, whole generations are attracted by the secretive and mysterious Atlantis, in honour of which numerous poets and minstrels composed wonderful hymns and poems, glorifying the feat of Atlantis’ heroes.

Greece and Rome did not understand, and in fact they discredited Atlantis in distorted and cult myths, having presented this great phenomenon in the wrong way, as vulgar paganism.
Blessed Ioann, the outstanding modern thinker, in a new, by-God-revealed way, comprehends it as a historical phenomenon.

‘Atlantis was a pure civilization which reached its perfection in all spheres of life activities’, he states.
Atlantis’ characters were prototypes of great historic figures that fundamentally affected destinies of mankind. Apollo is the Atlantic Christ, his mother is the persecuted Godmother of Atlantis, the daughter of love – Aphrodite, rising from the sea foam, Prometheus - the fiery apostle of love Ěinne.

                                           THE ARCHETIPE OF CIVILIZATIONS

Blessed Ioann presents Atlantis as a civilization in which the celebration of immaculate beginning triumphs over the opposite, evil beginning. In all times the immaculate beginning confronted the evil one personified in the image of the prince of this world, whose power leans against usurpation, lust and materialism.

This confrontation took different forms in culture and religious schools, but in each epoch there has always been the branch of true spirituality with enlightened awareness of authentic image of Divinity - as in the ancient Babylon and Egypt, or in fabulous Atlantis, the memory of which is left in the culture of Hellas.

Relationships among people in Atlantis were created by universal laws of Supreme Wisdom. Love was the basis of life. Not carnal love, inherent to vicious civilizations, but love Ěinne. Ěinne is the ideal of supreme love. Hearts of people were overwhelmed by such force of love Ěinne, that vice was impossible and evil - inappropriate.

Modern civilization - claims Blessed Ioann, - has tragically declined from Ěinne. Love Ěinne is embedded in the archetype of the man. The further the mankind leaves their archetype, the more clearly evil appears and multiplies on the Earth.

                                            SOLAR CIVILIZATION OF MINNE

Throughout centuries the Earth has been visited by ambassadors of Minne. But there have always been inquisitors discrediting anointers, proclaiming them ‘ insane ’, ‘ heretics ’, ‘ deluded ’and, finally, forbidding the message about Ěinne. As a rule, in religions and states they developed the ideology of fear, which was, as they thought, the only possibility of controlling masses. They are mortally afraid of Ěinne.

The Society of Atlantis was lead by white elders, solar archons, who on the Earth reached the stage of personified divinities. Their faces were shining more brightly than the Sun, they knew great secrets of the spiritual way, they were nourished by the ideals of supreme love, they were doing wonders. They were given the gift of defining destinies of the world, of supervising terrestrial and spiritual processes. They possessed the power over elements, communicated with birds, animals, grass in their own language.

They were given the gift of contemplating the Divinity  de visu, of communicating with Him. Elders – sages possessed the keys of heavenly and underground spheres, they knew the secrets of the origin of the world and of the man. They took vows of eternal virginity and refused any power, except the power of love.

The divine spirit of love and wisdom was abiding above them. Elders were esteemed as embodied divinities on the Earth, each their word was sacred and indestructible. Mostly they stayed in shutters, in incessant prayers and contemplation. Many of them could live on the Earth hundreds and thousands of years, reaching the stage of immortality.

                                         NEW ATLANTIS - OASIS OF LOVE

Atlantis was the oasis of wonderful and outstanding people, whose distinctive features were inconceivable kindness, peace and abundance of love. They showed equal respect for both – God and man. ‘Heavenly people’ – this is how their associates used to call them.

Under the guidance of white elders, the people of Atlantis reached highest stages of spirituality, they were clad in immortal bodies, they could exalt to Heavens, come back to the Earth, consecrate spaces, cure terminal diseases, revive the dead. All miracles which they created were made not in occult-magic ways, but exclusively by the force of supreme love.

Wise men of Atlantis taught that the man is a divinity of heavenly origin, born from the last drop of Father’s love. Despite being hurt by sin, and despite deception, the man possesses inexhaustible potential of love, which can be revealed only by elders-anointers possessing the gift of love Ěinne.
Blessed John prophetically announces the approach of the epoch of the New Atlantis – the civilization in which Divinity and the man will be paid equal homage.

In this civilization there will be no space for wars, illnesses or any evil. But in all hearts, on the whole of Earth the reign of supreme love will be created.

                                                                          © 2010 by "Blessed John" · All Rights reserved
‘Atlantis was a pure civilization which were prototypes of great historic figures that fundamentally affected destinies of mankind. Blessed John prophetically announces the approach of the epoch of the New Atlantis - the civilization in which Divinity and the man will be paid equal homage.
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