The Cathar revolution >>>
A word from the Sun of suns of the purest Father begot thousands of new birds, plants, animals.. Read more...

Revelation of Renato Lopez
"I see a great hidalgo. The great knight of the Holy Grail knew where the Chalice was kept..." Read more ...

The secret of solarity
The religion of the pure ones was solar. Holy Grail was transformed into the Sun and descended from heaven like the sun. Read more ...

Joseph of Arimathaea
At the age of seven, Joseph of Arimathaea introduced him to the Chalice. Read more ...

"Holy Grail" series
At the age of seven, Joseph of Arimathaea introduced him to the Chalice. Read more ...
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Who is blessed John?
Blessed John Bereslavsky is the worthy representative of intellectual elite, who treasures the archetype of its virtues: high erudition, uncompromising viewpoints, bright intellect and ability of deep perception. He is the phenomenon of a new civilization, the sign of the emerging epoch, the great enlightment of minds and bright perspectives. More>>>>
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Civilization of the new Atlantis
Atlantis was the oasis of wonderful and outstanding people, whose distinctive features were inconceivable kindness, peace and abundance of love. They showed equal respect for both God and man. Heavenly people this is how their associates used to call them.. Read more ...

The mysteries of the Cathars
Such love as there is no in heaven can be reached on earth. And having left this world a Perfect one ascends to the spheres of over-heavenly love. But there can be nothing said about them in earthly order. On earth it is sealed even further most of discernmented ones... Read more ...

The last Russian Tsar M. Romanov
This book "Seraphim Solovetskiy" last tzar Michael Romanov himself narrates about the events of the past. There is an unknown page in Russian history the last Russian tsar Michael Romanov, the younger brother of Nicolas II. He spent 39 years in concentration camps.
Read more ...

New Gospel of Mary Magdalene
She became of the same composition as He was. She received from Him His origin. This is the highest of high, the most mysterious of all mysterious secrets of the Grail. Who can say to be of the same composition as Christ? Only the one that is His heir by blood, and in whom His origin is. Read more ...

The inimitable originality of style, bright aphoristic character of the language, stupefaction of new images daringly allow his 450 books to be the part of spiritual thought masterpieces of the third millennium. Read more ...
Blessed John Bereslavsky - New Atlantis
New Gospel of Mary Magdalene - book of John Bereslavsky
The last Russian Tsar M. Romanov - The book of Blessed John
Blessed John - the mysteries of the Cathars

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